SAP and the document management system Xtendis complement each other very well. SAP supports processes. Xtendis takes care of the sustainable, digital recording of documents that play a part inside and outside these processes.

With Xtendis, documents can easily and quickly be stored and found back.

In addition to financial and management benefits, the great advantage of this combination is that the documents can not only be archived and consulted by SAP, but also by other applications.

The link between Xtendis and SAP know the following possibilities:

  1. Xtendis can use SAP data when archiving documents. In both Xtendis and the Connectors (Xtendis import modules) data of SAP can be used. Because of this, for example e-mail messages can easily be indexed.
  2. SAP can request documents that are archived in Xtendis. This can be done with the web services as well as with the URL-based WebLookUp. Within SAP, documents can also be shown that come from other sources, such as scanners, MS-Office, MS-Outlook and other systems.
  3. Xtendis can fully automatically archive documents generated by SAP. SAP often generates large numbers of documents. These can automatically be stored in Xtendis.
  4. Xtendis can serve as replacement of the SAP Content Server. Xtendis can be delivered with an interface that is compatible with SAP Content Server. Therefore SAP can communicate with Xtendis as it is the SAP Content Server. Documents from an existing SAP Content Server can be migrated to Xtendis.

Xtendis can not only be easily linked with SAP, but also with other systems. As a result, documents can be used both in SAP and for example in the MijnOmgeving of the website.


Expansion implemented the SAP-Xtendis link at among others:

  • PostNL
  • NKI-AvL
  • LG Packaging
  • Sodexo

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