Records management

Xtendis is a standard Records Management application (RMA) that:

  1. Stores, manages and retrieves all digital documents and files (objects). 
  2. Stores, manages and retrieves all information related to the lifecycle of the objects, from their creation until (in some cases) removal.

Xtendis offers complete track records of all events around digital archive objects enabling organizations to comply to all relevant legislation.

Xtendis RMA answers the following questions

  • How was a file created?
  • Who created it?
  • When was it created?
  • What actions are/were to be taken (e.g. processing, approval, transferring data to other systems)?
  • Who is/was responsible for every action?
  • Are the actions executed successfully or not?
  • What additional information was gathered during all actions?

Records Management functions of Xtendis

Xtendis contains an elaborate Management Tool (Xtendis Cockpit) in which processes around documents and files can be defined and implemented.

Examples of processes that can be implemented are:

  • Import: files are automatically imported. Indexes (search criteria) are extracted and assigned to the files. 
  • Workflow: it is possible to define workflows for files, for example: checking/approving of documents or transferring data from documents to other systems. 
  • Retention/Removal: based on terms of retention, files can automatically be selected, migrated and/or removed. 
  • Audit trail: all actions in all processes can automatically be recorded in the Xtendis Audit Trail: what user, system or process performed what action at what date and time? 

All information is easily accessible for authorized users. Files and their metadata can be retrieved within seconds.

It is also possible to investigate specific users, groups, actions and results within specific periods.

Version Management
In Xtendis integrated Version Management is applied.

Version Management gives users direct insight in the most recent and active version of a file.

Changes in files lead to new (sub)versions, earlier versions still available for rollback scenarios.

Xtendis guarantees digital preservation. For this purpose, an unalterable version is created for every imported file (PDF/A- or TIF-file format). This guards their integrity. Furthermore, the viewing and reproduction of the files become independent of their native applications (for example MS-Word), whose long-term availability is insecure.

Another aspect of the long-term perspective of Xtendis is the possibility to assign retention dates to files. Xtendis automatically selects, migrates or removes all files that organizations legally are no longer allowed to retain.

Advantages Xtendis Records Management

  • Automatic import, archival, migration and removal of files and documents.
  • Extensive audit trail.
  • Optimal traceability of all files, documents, metadata and records.
  • Version Management.
  • Guaranteed long-term preservation

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