Quality management

Producers and service providers who apply quality standards such as ISO, NEN etc. will have to demonstrate this by implementing quality management in the organization. Whether an organization meets a quality standard is often tested objectively by inspection bodies (such as Lloyds of DNV-GL). A successful test (audit) usually rewards a quality certificate in which quality labels are officially awarded by the inspection body to the organization in question.

The heavier quality standards occur in products and services where people's lives can be influenced, such as food, medication, transport and buildings. And there are also generic quality standards that are relevant for several organizations. Think of standards for for example information management and security.

Quality documents for instructions

To make or guarantee ‘quality’ within your organization, your co-workers and supervisors should handle and control according to specific rules. These instructions, procedures and/or policy documents are mainly documented in so-called quality documents. These are divided into files, processed in trainings material and made available to co-workers.

Management of quality documents necessary

The management of a file with quality documents is a continue process. This can have four reasons:

  1. In our economy, new technologies / methods are constantly being launched, but also calamities are being assessed. This ensures improvements in quality standards and therefore adjustments in your quality file, procedures, instructions and (refresher) training.
  2. As an organization you can have new product lines or services tested for quality.
  3. It may be that your clients or suppliers will require that you, in order to maintain or establish the relationship, must meet a quality standard.
  4. Finally, the current quality standard may be outdated and must be tested again.

Good version management supports quality management

“How do I know that a quality norm/instruction is being executed? Is the last change in the norm by every co-worker and manager read and understood? How much time do we spend on implementing this norm and does it possibly go at the expense of other cases? How do I know for sure that everyone sees the last version of this instruction and is not working with the old version?”

In some cases it costs a lot of time to strictly manage the version management of quality documents. The need to share these documents creates a lot of e-mial traffic and copies in personal folder structures on PC’s, laptops and/or ‘mobile devices’. The new versions of quality documents ensures that this ‘sharing’ is a continue process. It is hard to see and to guarantee whether or not every employee reads and understands everything in time. Especially at large organizations, divided over multiple branches in different countries.

Automatized quality files with Software Xtendis

Expansion offers its standard Document Management System Xtendis for efficient quality management. With Xtendis you as quality specialist can execute the creating or changing of documents with templates in Xtendis thanks to the integrayion with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) in combination with the powerful Xtendis version management. 

If you, after the creating or changing of a document, want to ask a colleague specialist for his/her opinion, then this can be done by handy functions in the Xtendis FLOW-module. If you decide to publish documents internally, then you can spread secured document links from Xtendis to co-workers ask them for action.

Determine for yourself whether or not employees can safe the document locally. You now know that everyone sees the latest version and not an older one. You have full control and insight over what happens to the documents. The whole process can be logged ‘under’ water by Xtendis so that during an external control it is clear that you handled according to the rules.

With DMS Xtendis two birds with one stone: efficient document storage and guarantee quality norm

The guarantee of norms and standards is mainly paired with training, processes and work instructions. However, rarely is included how employees should handle (digital) documents. With the use of Xtendis you can simplify document storage and at the same time guarantee that the method of storage, searching and spreading happens in line with the norm or standard. You can for example force, uniform and register handlings. All things that are not possible in a standard Windows-environment or things that a standard ERP-system does not meet. Xtendis is in this way being used by multiple companies, both small and big.

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