All documents in one digital personnel file

A digital personnel file forms a bundle of digital documents and files that concern an individual employee of an organization.

Stricter laws and regulations make it increasingly necessary to manage personnel files in a digital way. With a digital personnel archive the authenticity and integrity of the documents in personnel files can be guaranteed. The integrality of every file is always insightful. A digital personnel archive can automatically select documents that have to be deleted because of laws and regulations.

A digital or electronic personnel file forces a fixed structure, which makes files more clear and documents easier to find.

Personnel members and managers can, if desired, get access to the relevant parts of their digital personnel files. The archive can automatically generate notifications as soon as new documents are being recorded, whereby HRM-departments no longer have to send documents physically and/or by e-mail.

Time saving thanks to digital personnel files

With a digital personnel archive, you save time on maintenance and the personnel files are always up-to-date and complete. Storing personnel documents requires almost no human effort. The archived documents can be retrieved at the touch of a button and are immediately available for simultaneous consultation.

Digitalizing personnel files ensures quality improvement

A paper file often only contains a part of the documents belonging to the file, such as evaluation reports and contracts. Other documents, such as salary slips, annual statements and e-mails, are located in different systems and are often not accessible for the concerned employee. In a digital personnel file, both the digital and paper documents can easily be archived and managed in one location.

Correct personnel file directly retrievable

Digital personnel files can be linked to internal HR systems as well as external portals (e-HRM, Employee Self-Service, Employer / Manager Self Service). Mutations from HRM systems can automatically be transferred to the digital archive. For example, new files are automatically created for new employees. Documents that employees upload via portals are automatically recorded in their files and offered for treatment in a workflow process.

Good security precondition for electronic personnel files

In order to be able to manage the privacy-sensitive data in a digital or electronic personnel file, good security is a precondition. A good digital archive system offers extensive security options that enable access to the entire system, specific archives, specific files and even specific documents within a file to be protected from unauthorized users.

Benefits of electronic personnel files

  • Efficient recording of all relevant documents. 
  • Every file and every document directly available for use. 
  • Integrated solution for all document sorts, digital and paper. 
  • Optimal insight in completeness of files. 
  • Automatic clearance of documents that have to be deleted because of laws and regulations. 
  • Opportunities for digital insight for personnel members and managers. 
  • Optimally secured against unauthorized access.

Digital personnel files for your organization?

With its standard document management system Xtendis, Expansion implemented digital personnel files for diverse organizations in divergent branches, such as:

  • Banks
  • Trade & industry
  • Education
  • Pension funds
  • et cetera

Integration HR-systems

Xtendis is usually being linked to the HR-system so that a integrated digital personnel file originates. For example, standard links have been realized with systems such as AFAS and SAP. An overview of a large number of systems with which Xtendis is linked.

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