Digital personnel file

Maintaining a paper personnel archive takes a lot of time. Moreover, the increase in digital documents, especially e-mails, has made it increasingly difficult to keep personnel files up-to-date and complete. Besides this, the requirements of official bodies such as the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration and the Labour Inspectorate keep increasing as well. The Xtendis digital archive system provides an excellent basis for a digital personnel archive in which every document is directly accessible and in which the integrity of the files can be checked and guaranteed.

Optimal access by linking Xtendis to the HR system

Additionally, Xtendis can easily be linked to most HR applications so that every employee automatically has a file in the HR system in the Xtendis digital archive system. This link enables employees in the HRM department to use the personnel system to call up the digital file from Xtendis at the touch of a button.

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