Automatically distribute your incoming mail digitally through the organization and store it digitally with Xtendis.

Mail never gets lost with digital mail room!

With the xtendis mail registration system, you can distribute and archive incoming mail automatically. The incoming mail will never be lost again. The current status is immediately visible. There is also no longer any need for archive space for the storage of the paper documents, which can cause problems for large organisations. Working with a digital mailroom ensures that mail is distributed quickly and correctly. Quite a difference from normal mail processing … now opt for a digital transformation and choose mail processing with Xtendis!

Optimal availability

Mail is scanned upon entry and provided with a number of attributes. Based on the attributes, the document is distributed in digital form with workflow. Additional information can be recorded and, for example, the status can change from “In Process” to “Processed”. Incoming documents are clearly labeled, so that they end up with the right person. The processing of incoming mail, becomes a clear and smooth system with our digital mailroom.

If new documents are produced during the work, for example an e-mail with an answer to a question, they can also be easily recorded. At the end of the process. documents remain available to authorized users. This digital archiving ensures that incoming information is not lost, which can happen in a normal mail room.

Same process for paper & digital documents

One of the great advantages of digital mail registration with Xtendis is that the same process can be applied for both paper and digital documents. So regardless of how, for example, a customer demand arrives, it will be handled in accordance with the same procedure.

For the customer service representatives, it does not matter whether a question has come in by post or e-mail. In addition, all documents are automatically archived in the correct file after processing. In fact, as a digital mailroom, Xtendis offers a hybrid mail-registration solution, whereby digital documents such as emails and Word documents and paper documents are processed in exactly the same way.

What are the benefits of digital mail processing?

  • Mail items never get lost.
  • Both digital and physical mail flow in one.
  • Mail items are protected from fire and flooding.
  • Deployable for large quantities without loss of performance.
  • Savings on archive space.
  • Software available both on-premise and in Cloud.
  • In addition to digital mail processing, platform Xtendis can also be used for other document solutions such as digital HR files, automatic invoice processing, contract management, etc.

In which industries is this solution used?

Like no other product, platform Xtendis offers the combination of user-friendliness, scalability and flexibility. Because of these unique characteristics, Xtendis is successfully used in hundreds of organizations in both small and medium-sized enterprises and large multinationals. Some branches that Xtendis successfully use for digital mail processing are:

  • Administrators
  • Financial services companies
  • Trade & Industry
  • Notaries
  • Government

Interface options?

Platform Xtendis has extensive interfacing capabilities. There is an impressive list of standard interfaces. A number of systems associated with Xtendis mail processing:


The following customers successfully use Xtendis for digital mail processing:

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