Choose digital invoice processing

With software platform Xtendis you save time on entering, archiving and consulting invoices. Invoices are automatically recognized and entered into the financial application that is being used at your organization, digitally scattered by through the organization and centrally stored. The benefits are notable!

Benefits of digital invoice processing with Xtendis:

  • 30-50% cost saving thanks to automatic recognition of invoice data. 
  • Extensive linking opportunities with the financial or ERP-system. 
  • Invoices are directly retrievable, from Xtendis or directly from the financial and/or ERP-system. 
  • Shorter lead time invoices thanks to automatic workflow and digital approval by budget holders. 
  • Archive invoices guaranteed save and unchangeable. 
  • Invoices are only available to authorized users. 
  • Invoice recognition on the basis of free field recognition instead of templates. 
  • You have insight into the status of the invoices and at who an invoice is being processed. 
  • Xtendis protects the invoices against calamities like fire- and water damage. 
  • You save on physical archive space. 
  • Besides invoice processing, Xtendis is also employable for other document solutions such as digital personnel files, mail processing, contract management, automatic processing of acknowledgement of receipt et cetera.

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