What is digital invoice processing?

Digital invoice processing is the processing of incoming invoices in digital form. Traditional invoice processing works with paper invoices or invoices that are distributed by e-mail. This system is time consuming and the risk of errors is high due to the repeated manual actions of the employees involved. There is also a quick chance of input errors or even incoming invoices disappearing by mistake! An invoice is often reviewed by one or more employees. This manual invoice processing takes a lot of time. Especially when the paper invoice has to pass several budget holders.

Save time and costs with Xtendis

At Expansion, we understand that this can be done more easily. In our document management system, the invoice is processed and stored digitally. Labour-intensive operations are replaced by automated invoice processing. The route an invoice has to take often depends on the amount and, for example, the ledger or cost center on which the invoice is booked. With digital invoice processing, this process is efficiently arranged. The workflow module automatically distributes the invoice for approval based on the procuration schedule or a self-arranged route. Budget holders don’t have to wait for each other, but can check the invoice at any time. Once the invoice is in the system, you won’t lose it. So you always have a view on where the invoice is located. Apart from this, there are many more advantages of automated invoice processing and – distribution. You have an overview of the current status of all invoices received and you can give people different access rights and roles.

Digital invoice processing can be linked to financial systems and ERP systems. Moreover, your administration is always up-to-date and invoices can be processed faster and with fewer errors. All this also reduces costs. Switching to automatic invoice processing has only advantages!

Opt for digital invoice processing with Xtendis

With the digital invoice processing of the software and cloud platform Xtendis, you save time on entering, archiving and consulting invoices. Invoices are automatically recognized and entered into the financial application that is in use with your organization. At the same time they are digitally distributed and stored in a central archive. You have real-time insight into the status of all invoices. With our software you comply with all relevant tax rules regarding the retention of invoices.

Demo invoice distribution and processing Xtendis (VIDEO)

In the video below we demonstrate your digital invoice processing with Xtendis. We briefly demonstrate the following functions; capture & recognize, validate & booking and the dashboard.

What are the benefits of digitally processing invoices with Xtendis?

  • 30-50 % cost savings thanks to automatic recognition of invoice data. Xtendis provides “scanning and recognition”!
  • Extensive interface options with financial and ERP systems.
  • Invoices can be accessed directly, from Xtendis or from the financial and ERP system.
  • Shorter lead times thanks to automatic workflow and digital according by budget holders.
  • Invoices are guaranteed to be safe and unchangeable.
  • Invoices are only accessible to authorized users.
  • Invoice recognition based on free field recognition instead of templates.
  • You have insight into the status of the invoices and who is handling an invoice.
  • Xtendis protects the invoices against calamities such as fire and flooding.
  • You save on physical archive space.
  • In addition to invoice processing, Xtendis can also be used for other document solutions such as digital personnel files, postal processing, contract management, automatic processing of receipts et cetera.

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