Digital files

With Xtendis you save time on archiving and viewing files. You have the advantage of complete files, since documents from different sources are collated and stored digitally. You can call up the electronic file directly from every workstation and, if required, from mobile devices.

Furthermore, you use less paper and you save archive space and your files/documents in Xtendis are protected against fire and water damage.

Make your files optimally available

Thanks to the linking capabilities of Xtendis you can also call up your digital files from other applications within your organisation.

Use Xtendis to manage your files efficiently

Xtendis has been used successfully for many years in a variety of sectors. Some examples and applications:

  • Digital case file
  • Digital client file
  • Digital customer file
  • Digital participants file
  • Digital patient file
  • Digital personnel file
  • Digital project files
  • Digital orderering files
  • Digital student file
  • Digital case file

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