Prevent fragmentation; use Xtendis for digital files

The document management platform Xtendis presents your documents neatly in one environment. Even when they originate from different sources. We find it important that you do not have to worry about where the documents originates from. We do that for you! 
By implementing digital file formation, you prevent fragmentation of information and dispose of complete digital files.

Time saving archiving of all sorts of documents 

With Xtendis you save time when archiving documents. You use thereby the following working method: 

  1. You scan your paper document with a multifunctional or document scanner; 
  2. You directly save digital documents, without scanning. Examples of this are e-mails, Word- and Excel documents of print files. 
  3. Xtendis automatically adds, if possible, characteristics to the document. 
  4. All documents are then findable in clear files.

Electronical files directly retrievable 

The electronical file is retrievable from every working place, device or application. You can therefore consult information from home, with a tablet or smartphone or directly from the core application. 

More benefits: 

  • You save on physical archive space. 
  • You save a document just one time, and it can appear in mulitple files. 
  • Files will never get lost again. 
  • You easily make overviews of documents from variable files. 
  • Files are protected against physical hazards, sucs as fire and water. 
  • Xtendis supports customer-oriented work.

Multiple electronical files 

Xtendis is successfully being used for the management of multiple files, such as:

  • Client files 
  • Participant files 
  • Customer files
  • Scholar files 
  • Order files 
  • Patient files
  • Pension file 
  • Personnel file
  • Policy files 
  • Project files 
  • Student file
  • Case file

Often made links

The platform Xtendis has extensive possibilities to link with other systems. Xtendis is in the meantime linked with an impressive number of systems. 

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