With DMS Xtendis efficient management of the student files in primary education

Primary schools are obliged to keep a file of every student. Keeping these files complete and up to date is a major administrative burden. Furthermore, legislation imposes the necessary requirements for the timely cleaning or transfer.
The Document Management System Xtendis enables schools to efficiently fulfill their obligation to keep records. Watch the animation film now.

What is a student file?

A student file generally consists of two parts:

  • Administrative documents
  • Content documents on educational aspects.

Student files (Primary Education files) are subject to the GDPR.

What documents are allowed in student files?

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) has determined that a student file may contain the following data:

  • information about registration and deregistration;
  • data on absence;
  • address data;
  • data necessary to calculate how much money the school will receive;
  • the educational report;
  • health information necessary for special guidance or facilities;
  • information on the student’s progress and results;
  • reports of conversations with the parents;
  • the results of psychological examination.

It’s a challenges making files up to date, complete and accessible

Pupil or learning files are a challenge for schools, namely:

  • The files must contain data from different sources and yet be complete and up to date.
  • Parents, the school management and the educational staff involved have the right to access the files. In some cases, third parties may also view a file (for example, in case of extra support, special education or transfer to another school).
  • When a student has left school, certain data must be destroyed. Different terms apply per data type.

Manageable electronic learning file

By digitally recording student or student files in the Document Management System Xtendis a> schools can meet these challenges in an efficient manner.

Data can be recorded directly in Xtendis from their source (Student Administration System, Student (Education) Tracking System, MS-Word, Scanner, E-mail, external files, etc.), with appropriate characteristics.

Xtendis can automatically create electronic files based on information from, for example, a Student Administration System. Documents can easily be linked to these files.

Using standard interfaces, parents and other educational institutions can also access the files via websites or portals

A clear rights structure can then be used to determine who gets access to which data. This can be internal employees, but – because Xtendis is a web-based application – external parties (parents, other schools) can also have access if desired. Both complete files and parts of files can be protected.

Based on the characteristics that are given to documents, it is easy to make selections of documents that have to be removed or transferred.

Benefits of an electronic student file in Xtendis

  • All data together in an orderly manner.
  • Easy capture
  • Automatic creation of files
  • Digitally sustainable recording of all documents.
  • Automatic selection of documents to be deleted.
  • Access to files and documents based on authorizations.

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