Digital policy files: always the right information in the right context

You probably recognize it: with regard to employees, clients or policyholders, you have to keep large collections of various documents together and in order. These documents can vary widely: contracts, policy sheets, damage reports, insurance, pension schemes, etc.

In the context of laws and regulations, it is essential to create and maintain order in that important information. You have to be sure that all required documents are present, that they are valid and that only documents that are allowed to be in them are present. Documents that should no longer be available in the archive in the context of privacy legislation must be destroyed in time.

In short, the efficient and consistent management of policy files is difficult and sensitive. It is a known problem. Expansion has an adequate solution for this: digital policy files with DMS Xtendis. This ensures that you always have the right and up to date information in the right context. Every document immediately digitally available at any time.

Full control over the administration of the policy files

The most common problem is that much policy information is still (partly) on paper. And even if it is already digital, it is (partly) in the mailbox or (partly) on the local hard disk of an employee in another department or (partly) “somewhere on the network disk”. This means that there is no insight and overview.

With the use of document management system Xtendis all documents are clearly arranged. The information in a digital policy file is not only more accessible, but can also be better managed and protected against unauthorized use.

With the use of DMS Xtendis you are completely “in control”. You will automatically be notified when documents need to be revised or removed. You will be notified when agreements have to be re-entered or canceled. You can anticipate questions or changes in the situation of your customers at any time.

Improvement of services thanks to digital policy file

Each document relating to the policy file is (possibly first digitized and then) automatically linked to the correct file based on a unique policy number. In addition, characteristics such as customer name, type of policy, document type, subject, etc. can also be automatically added to the document as a search criterion. Because of these features, all documents in the digital policy file can be found quickly and easily.

Provided you have the right authority, of course. In many cases, such a file contains documents containing privacy-sensitive information. These documents are automatically protected against unauthorized eyes or misuse via the rights and authorizations in DMS Xtendis. All actions related to the policy files are registered and recorded. This allows you to always trace what happened to the file. Not only do you save time, effort, space and money through DMS Xtendis, but because every document is immediately available, you are able to optimize the service to your customers. With higher customer satisfaction as a result.

Linking digital policy files to backoffice applications

DMS Xtendis can be linked to all standard back office applications, such as Financial, CRM or HR systems. From those back office applications, employees can directly request all policy sheets or other relevant documents. If desired, they can also make digital notes to the document in the policy file and save them there. Based on documents and files, Xtendis can also assign tasks in the workflows of back office applications.

Another additional benefit of linking to underlying back-office applications is the possibility to add relevant additional information from other systems to documents (e.g. customer or case characteristic).


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