All documents in one digital personnel file

A digital personnel file is a collection of digital documents and files relating to an individual employee of an organization. With a digital personnel file, an employer can find all the necessary information within seconds, such as employment contracts. This is a big difference from paper files, which are often very inaccessible.

DMS Xtendis is the largest online Document Management System in the Netherlands, in which you can keep your personnel files at the highest possible level of security. Expansion is also happy to give you advice, for example on relevant legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation. After all, there are files that you can only keep for a certain period of time, for example personal information of ex-employees. With Xtendis you stick to the legal retention periods. You can rely on us, after all, we have more than 30 years of experience!

Why switch to a digital personnel file?

First, Xtendis provides more structure. Have you ever browsed through dozens of pages of a paper personnel file without finding what you were looking for? With Xtendis, this is a thing of the past. Furthermore, the stricter laws and regulations make it increasingly necessary to manage personnel files in digital form. With DMS Xtendis, the authenticity and integrity of the documents in personnel files can be better guaranteed. The completeness of each file is continuously transparent. DMS Xtendis can automatically select documents that need to be deleted for legal reasons, for example by the expiry of the retention period.

DMS Xtendis enforces a fixed structure, making personnel files clearer and documents more quickly to be found. Xtendis offers the possibility to keep all files easily and safely. We take information security very serious.

Staff and their managers can, if desired, have access to the relevant parts of their digital personnel files. The archive can automatically generate notifications as soon as new documents are recorded, eliminating the need for HRM departments to physically and/or email documents. Watch the animation below.

Saving time thanks to digital personnel files

With a digital personnel archive you save time on maintenance and the personnel files are always up-to-date and complete. Putting away personnel documents requires virtually no human effort. The archived documents can be found at the touch of a button and are readily available for simultaneous consultation. Fortunately, you can easily and structuredly digitize an archive with Xtendis.

A digital personnel file ensures quality improvement

A paper file often contains only part of the documents associated with a staff member, such as assessment reports and contracts. Other documents, such as salary slips, annual statements and emails, are in other systems and are often not accessible to the employee concerned. So it may take a reasonable time to find certain information if you are specifically looking for something. In a digital personnel file, both the digital and paper documents can be easily archived and managed in one central environment. This makes it easy to have all the information of an employee available in one place.

Correct personnel file immediately available

Digital personnel files can be linked to both internal HRM systems and external portals (e-HRM, Employee Self Service, Employer/Manager Self Service). Mutations from HRM systems can be automatically transmitted to the digital archive. For example, files are automatically created for new employees. Documents that employees upload through portals are automatically recorded in their digital file and offered for consideration in a workflow process. In this way, we ensure that everything remains the right content.

Good security precondition for electronic personnel files

In order to be able to manage the privacy-sensitive data in an electronic or digital personnel file, good security is a precondition. A good digital archive system provides extensive security capabilities that allow access to the entire system, specific archives, specific files and even specific documents within a file to be shielded from unauthorized users. This takes into account the new Privacy Regulation (General Data Protection Regulation).

Done with the paper personnel file

Are you going to digitize a personnel file? Then it is important to know the rules about the original paper files. Only if the digitised personnel files have been properly scanned, stored correctly and have good security, paper files may be deleted. However, some companies choose to keep some documents in phyiscal form as evidence. For example the signed versions of contracts. We would like to discuss with you what you can do with the original documents and how these documents can be destroyed in a way that keeps the data protected.

Benefits of digital personnel files with Xtendis

  • Efficient recording of all relevant documents.
  • All files and (scanned) documents are immediately available for consultation.
  • Integrated solution for all document types, digital and paper.
  • Optimal insight into completeness of files.
  • Automatic cleaning of documents that need to be deleted for legal reasons; Xtendis keeps track of the retention period of the personnel file.
  • Digital access opportunities for staff and managers.
  • Optimally protected against unauthorized access.
  • Easily comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

Digital personnel files for your organisation?

With its standard Document Management System Xtendis, Expansion implemented digital personnel files for various organizations in a variety of industries, including:

  • Banks
  • Trade & Industry
  • Education
  • Pension funds
  • Et cetera

Choose Expansion and Xtendis for digitising personnel files

Switch to digital files? We’d be happy to help you with that. Expansion has been active for years and we know the tricks of the trade and of the legislation. So we can answer all your questions, whether they are technical, functional, organizational or legal (GDPR) in nature. Make an appointment for an exploratory meeting!


These are some of our customers using Xtendis successfully to manage their personnel files. Click on a customer logo below to download the case study.

Integration of HR systems

Xtendis is often linked to the HR system to create an integrated digital personnel archive. There are interfaces for AFAS, Peoplesoft, SAP and SuccessFactors. Here’s a bigger overview of the systems for which standard interfaces exist.

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