Xtendis is the standard DMS for pension files

With the digital archive platform Xtendis, Expansion is the market leader for the digital storage of participant files, also known as pension files. Many large and smaller corporate pension funds archive their participant files and other documents in Xtendis.

Is Xtendis suitable for pension funds?

Xtendis is ideally suited for pension funds. Pension funds receive and produce a lot of documents. Many of these documents relate to the participants and must be archived in the digital participant files . By digitally storing these documents with Xtendis, you save a lot of time both when storing and retrieving the documents and files.

In addition to participant files, pension funds also archive financial and / or administrative documents in Xtendis.

Can Xtendis be integrated into pension software?

Xtendis is usually linked to the pension administration software, creating an integrated digital archive. As a result, pension funds save even more time in both retrieval and archiving. Xtendis can use data from the pension system, which means that, for example, a participant file (dossier, record) is automatically created and updated in Xtendis for every participant in the pension system.

Because all documents and files are immediately available thanks to the digital Xtendis archive, the funds can also optimize their servicelevel.

Interfaces with websites and portals

When using Xtendis, the portals and websites of pension funds do not have to manage any documents themselves. Using the extensive linking options, portals can retrieve the documents directly from Xtendis. Of course, the exchange of privacy-sensitive data takes place via secure protocols.


A large number of pension funds uses Xtendis for digital archiving of participant files (but also contracts, etc.). Click on the customer logo below to download a case study.

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What are the benefits?

  • time saving thanks to digital filing of files
  • documents can be retrieved at the touch of a button
  • complete files
  • Unburderning primary applications and portals
  • archive protected against calamities such as fire and water nuisance
  • saving office space

standard interfaces with all pension systems

Thanks to its open architecture, the Xtendis platform is easy to integrate into existing automated environments. There are also various options for interfacing Xtendis to other applications within your organization. We have standard connections with MAIA, Lifetime, Idella Finance Suite and AXYLife.

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