Opt for robotisation of your order files

With document management system Xtendis, complete order files are within reach. You can create a digital order file in Xtendis. Xtendis will monitor the next steps with robotic process automation and inform you about the status with notification messages. Xtendis automatically presents all related documents such calculations, packing slips, invoices, contracts, certificates, etc.

The benefits of digital order files in Xtendis?

  • You do not have to think about what is missing, what is related, or what the next steps are.
  • You have overview and control over all orders.
  • You are no longer solely dependent on the attentiveness of employees.
  • Questions from customers and suppliers can be answered immediately.
  • The order files comply with quality standards, laws and regulations.
  • You can see which orders do not meet the standards within your organization, such as the expected processing time, completeness or quality.

Can customers or suppliers have access to the orders?

If desired, it is possible to provide customers / suppliers with insight into the process and / or have documents added via a web portal. Xtendis can independently provide employees or external parties with updates on progress. If you would like to automatically link the original order or other documents to your outgoing invoice, this can even be automated. Adding an e-mail or attachment to a pending order can be done directly from Outlook.

References that successfully use Xtendis for digital order files

Various organizations in different market segments successfully deploy DMS Xtendis for efficient order management. For example, Paradiso processes all performances and artist files with Xtendis while complying with (tax) laws and regulations. Heleon Group has been using Xtendis successfully for years for complete digital order files. Watch the video below.

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