Customer information stored centrally, up-to-date and securely.

Do you also have so much trouble keeping all your customer’s information together and in order? A digital customer file puts an end to this for good. With DMS Xtendis from Expansion you never have to search for the right information again when your customer asks a question. All customer-related documents are perfectly organized in a digital customer file, are up-to-date and available anytime, anywhere (secured where necessary).

Need for complete customer files

During customer contacts many organizations struggle to retrieve the relevant information. That information is stored across multiple departments and applications, in many cases it is even (partly) still on paper and actually no one is completely sure whether they have the latest version of a document. That is disastrous for a successful customer conversation. That customer never gets the feeling that he is the center of your attention.

What are the benefits of digital customer files in Xtendis?

With DMS Xtendis, all customer information, including unstructured information such as letters and e-mails, is digitally stored and presented together. The advantages of this include:

  • Every document directly available.
  • Cost savings thanks to fast archiving and access to your customer information.
  • Structured and verifiable file management.
  • NEN ISO 27001 certified.
  • Better customer contacts through more efficient handling.
  • Shorter lead times of important customer-related processes.
  • Compliant to laws and regulations.

What interfaces are available?

Xtendis offers all the options to have customer information in a well-organized way, available in an orderly manner. The possible interface to underlying back-office applications also ensures that other relevant information can be included. This means you always have all customer information at hand.

Is customer information secured?

Moreover, this information is secured in Xtendis, so that only authorized employees can view the information that is part of their work. Various levels of security are available within Xtendis, which can be organized according to the roles and functions of employees. This is an important advantage today and the increasingly stringent legislation in this area. Expansion is NEN ISO 27001 certified. So that you have the guarantee that customer information is safe.

Expansion is the specialist in the field of document management solutions. We have been successful in implementing various applications of our DMS Xtendis for 30 years. A digital customer file holds no secrets for us.

With the digital customer file in Xtendis you have full control of all your customer information, always and everywhere.

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