How can I work in a case-oriented manner?

Case-oriented working requires a digital file or dossier containing all related information. The information should be stored in a structured manner and must be directly accessible. Information objects must be retrievable by various search keys, such as the case type, the case number, the document type, etc. Everything should be stored together in one case file, with absolute clarity about the status of documents and the completeness of the case file.

All case-oriented interaction is structured and stored

Virtually all interaction between (semi-) government with citizen, company or internal customer is linked to a so-called case. This may, for example, concern a permit application, the application for identity documents, reports from public spaces, complaints, etc.

The handling of such “matters” – case-oriented work – is done according to (often) predefined processes. For the progress of such a process and the individual process steps, the case handler needs information to make decisions. If that information is not available, there is a chance of making wrong decisions with possible negative consequences.

You prevent this by working with a digital case file. When all relevant information is in a digital case file, there is always overview, the handler knows what the status of an application is and when more information can be expected. This allows him to better serve his customer and prevents unnecessary delays

Case-oriented working requires a well-organized digital case file

Within (semi-) government organizations, the concept of case-oriented working is frequently used. This will not work if information spread over various departments. Nor is it helpful if information is still on paper. In order to work optimally in a case-oriented manner, documents must be available digitally, always and everywhere, in a case file and organized according to the ‘case principle’. That makes optimal service possible. This can be achieved with our DMS Xtendis.

What are the benefits of an Xtendis digital case file?

DMS Xtendis provides you with all the functionality required for adequate and effective case-oriented work, based on a well-organized digital case file. Xtendis offers:

  • all case-related documents in one clear digital case file;
  • saving in time, space, effort and therefore money;
  • controllable version management for insight into the status of a case or document;
  • security of confidential documents;
  • direct access to the public part of files for Customer Contact Centers;
  • fast response to questions from citizens or companies;
  • better service because all information is in order and accessible;
  • full compliance with laws and regulations;
  • overview and transparency;
  • guaranteed confidentiality of all information in the case file;
  • standard interfaces with back-office applications.

At Expansion, we have more than 30 years of experience successfully implementing effective document management solutions with our DMS Xtendis. Digital case files is one of those solutions. We offer you the right foundation for effective case-oriented work.

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