Avoid fragmentation; use Xtendis for digital files

Does your company have problems organizing its files? Then it’s time to switch to software that bundles documents into a digital file!

The document management platform Xtendis presents your documents in a transparent way in one environment. Even if they come from multiple sources. We think it’s important that you don’t worry about where the document comes from. That’s what we do for you!
By applying digital file formation, you prevent fragmentation of information and you have complete digital files. Watch the animated film below.

Save time with a digital file

With Xtendis you save time when archiving documents in a digital file. You use the following method:

  • You can scan your paper documents with a multifunctional or document scanner;
  • Digital documents are stored directly, without scanning. Examples include emails, Word and Excel documents, or print files;
  • Xtendis automatically adds attributes to the document if possible;
  • All related documents can then be found in a transparent digital file.

Electronic file can be read directly

The electronic file can be requested from any workplace, device or application. For example, you can access the information from home, with a tablet or smartphone or directly from the core application. So you have your digital files at hand everywhere!


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More benefits:

  • You save on physical archive space.
  • One document can appear in multiple files.
  • Files will never be lost again.
  • You can easily create overviews of documents from different files.
  • Files are safe from physical hazards, such as fire and water.
  • Xtendis supports customer-based work.

Various electronic files

Xtendis has been used successfully for many years for the management of various files, such as:

Our digital file software Xtendis has extensive capabilities to link with other systems. Xtendis has standard interfaces with an impressive number of systems.

Would you like more information about completing your files with Xtendis? Please contact us directly, we will be happy to help you.

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