Contract management and document management in one solution

Many contract management solutions do not have a good document management function. In Xtendis, good document management is the starting point.

With the help of an extensive metadata set, contract management can be realized. The solution is flexible, so you are not stuck with fields that are not relevant to contracts.

You can enter contracts from a variety of sources: paper contracts are scanned, files can be imported directly from Office and Outlook.

Xtendis offers the possibility to also record additional documents that arise during and after the drafting of contracts. This may include correspondence or draft versions. They can be presented in a clear manner with the contract, but can also be looked up and viewed as independent documents. With Xtendis, contract management can be used as part of document management.

Benefits of contract management with Xtendis.

  • Active monitoring of contracts.
  • Contract managers are informed by e-mails of the expiry of deadlines.
  • Flexible.
  • You decide which contract data you use and are not attached to general fields.
  • Sustainable archiving of all documents.
  • Extensive search options for contracts and related documents.
  • Report clearly.
  • The metadata allows users to present the contracts in any overview. For example: contracts that expire soon, by supplier, by administrator, by topic, et cetera.
  • Available online as well as on premises.
  • More widely usable.
  • You can also use Xtendis to manage other types of documents, such as invoices, HR files and (other) correspondence.


Among other things, PGB Pension Services uses Xtendis successfully for contract management. Click on the logo to download the case study.

PGB - casestudy

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