What is digital contract management with Xtendis?

With the digital platform Xtendis you manage contracts efficiently. All contracts are stored in one digital archive. The contracts are provided with different characteristics. In the digital age, you can store and find contracts digitally! Contract management has never been easier.

Is every contract available immediately?

The documents can be accessed within seconds at any time and from any workplace. This can be done based on one or more of the attributes, document data, or any word that appears in a document. Digital contracts are therefore easy and quick to consult.

Saving time when archiving and consulting contracts

New documents can be assigned directly to the correct contract. For example, for one person, you can keep all documents associated with the contract in one place. A possible link to the primary system that is in use with your organization ensures automatic creation of new files. The documents can be consulted quickly with various search keys.

Always aware of status contracts

Xtendis can automatically generate actions. This can be used, for example, to monitor the expiry dates of contracts. Xtendis ensures that an employee is automatically emailed with a reminder about the actions that need to be taken.

Is Xtendis protected from fraud?

Contracts digitally archived in Xtendis are guaranteed to be stored safely and unchangeable. In addition, extensive authorization capabilities protect the documents from unauthorized use. Each employee can be recorded to which archive and to which documents he/she has access.

What are the benefits?

  • Time savings when archiving documents.
  • Saving archive space.
  • In addition to contract management, document management is also included.
  • Automatic signaling status update.
  • Optimal accessibility of documents.
  • Contracts in Xtendis are protected from emergencies such as fire and flooding.
  • Enhanced authorization capabilities both at the functional and document level.

Branches using this solution

Xtendis is successfully used by hundreds of organisations, in small, medium and large-sized enterprises and multinationals. Curious if we also have experience in your industry? Check out our reference list or feel free to contact us.

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The xtendis digital archive platform has extensive interfacing capabilities. There is an impressive list of systems with which a standard interfaces has been realized.


PBG is one of the organizations that successfully uses Xtendis for digital contract management. Click on the logo to download the case study.

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