Digital archive

The standard Xtendis product has been developed with the idea that, in due course, every organisation should have a single central digital archive, making every document directly available, anytime, anyplace. This central digital archive is used for long-term storage and to facilitate document-intensive processes. The direct availability of all the documents enables these processes to be reorganised and optimised. As Xtendis works extremely well with other systems, the digital archive can be integrated into the existing information supply.

Your archive optimally accessible via the Cloud

The digital archive system Xtendis can be made available both within the traditional network and via the Cloud. With Xtendis in the Cloud the technical management looks after itself but you can still benefit from all the advantages of a digital archive. Users have access to a centrally managed system via internet. Xtendis in this form can be purchased as a service on the basis of a subscription. With Xtendis Expansion also offers hybrid solutions, allowing some parts of the solution to run within a company network and others are taken from the Cloud.

Digital archive system saves time and space and provides top quality

Documents archived in the Xtendis digital archive can be viewed directly. This can save a lot of time searching for documents and document-intensive processes will run faster and better. Thanks to advanced software for recognising and classifying documents they can for the most part be archived automatically. Human efforts in document storage are thereby minimised. Finally, a digital archive takes up virtually no physical space. This all means that using Xtendis results in an organisation in which the document-intensive processes run fast and reliably and require minimum space and human effort.

Digital archive protected against unauthorised use and calamities

The Xtendis digital archive system offers extensive possibilities for authorisation and the stored documents and files are extremely well protected against unauthorised use. Not only that, but because of the way Xtendis is set up it is easy to make a back-up of the complete digital archive. This ensures that the archive is protected against calamities such as fire and water damage.

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