Digital archive system Xtendis makes documents in the Trade & Industry optimally accessible

Documents play an important role in both commercial and industrial industries. With the Xtendis digital archive system, Expansion has implemented applications for material certificates, contracts, quotations, assignments and other document types.

Xtendis is used by various production companies for digital archiving and reproducing certificates and production manuals. With Xtendis, you can find any requested document within seconds, view it on the screen and if required reproduce it. Reproducing is done both on paper and digitally. For example, copies of certificates are printed and supplied together with the accompanying goods. Complete production manuals are also included.

Saving time thanks to digital distribution documents

Some of the production companies also use Xtendis to digitally distribute documents previously copied and distributed on paper. This generates big savings on reproduction and postage costs.

The use of Xtendis has the added advantage that one can easily back up all documents and thus protect valuable documents against calamities such as fire and flooding.

Examples of customers in the Trade & Industry who successfully use Xtendis:

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