All patient-related documents securely and clearly in digital files

Thrombosis services use Xtendis for the digital storage of patient files. As a result, files are never lost again, can be consulted at the touch of a button and huge savings are made on archive space.

Time savings by linking the digital archive to the patient information system

The digital archive system Xtendis is linked to patient information systems in thrombosis services. For example, standard interfaces are available for Portavita and TRODIS. This saves enormous amounts of time. Xtendis automatically creates a file for each patient from the patient information system.

In addition, manual data entry is kept to a minimum. The patient files are scanned, imported into the digital archive in Xtendis and then provided with characteristics. Thanks to the link that has been realized with the database of the patient information systems, the documents are largely automatically provided with the correct search keys.

Digital files optimally accessible

The digital files in Xtendis can then be retrieved on the basis of the patient number, but also on file characteristics such as the name or date of birth. In addition, the documents can be consulted directly from the patient information system.

Some of the thrombosis services using Xtendis:

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