Pension funds save time by digitally archiving pension files in Xtendis

A large number of pension funds use Xtendis for the digital archiving of pension files, also known as participant files. Pension funds have at least one file per participant. These dossiers are regularly supplemented and consulted during the term of employment and pension. By storing these files digitally in Xtendis, a huge amount of time and therefore money can be saved.

Link digital archive to pension systems Idella Finance Suite, Lifetime, Maia and AXYlife.

Expansion has linked the Xtendis digital archive system to the main pension systems. These links were established in cooperation with the suppliers concerned, with the result that pension funds are in fact purchasing one integrated system. With one action, one can access the corresponding digital file from a participant’s data.

Participants files can contain documents from all sources. These can be documents from the pension systems as well as Word mailings, for example. These digital documents are automatically recognized by the Xtendis digital archive and archived in the correct file. Virtually no human effort is needed to archive digital documents such as periodic reviews.

Some of the pension funds using Xtendis:

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