Xtendis ensures efficiency, transparency and optimal protection of documents at pension funds

Xtendis is the most widely used document management system at pension funds in The Netherlands. Documents that come in over a long period of time and those that are generated by the fund itself are recorded together in one clear digital file. All possible sources are supported, such as pension administration systems, output management, portals, e-mails, PDF files, scanners and multifunctional printers.

Widely applicable

Xtendis is used for a wide range of applications, such as

  • Participant files
  • Employer files
  • Postal registration
  • Financial documents (including invoices)
  • Contracts
  • Personnel files
  • Workflow
  • Audit Trail
  • Workload overviews and reports

Standard links

For Xtendis, standard links are available with the most common pension systems:

  • VIPS (Visma Idella Product Suite)
  • Lifetime (Keylane)
  • MAIA/Plexus (Keylane)
  • AxyLife (AxyWare)

There are also links possible with other (custom) systems.

The links relate to both the administrative systems and the portals.

They ensure that documents can also be called up and consulted from the other systems. Conversely, data from other systems in Xtendis can be used as search keys. Xtendis can automatically archive documents from other systems and control workflow processes.


With Xtendis, pension funds realize the following benefits:

  • Efficiency: a lot of time is saved when archiving and finding documents.
  • Transparency: the current status of each document is always transparent.
  • Protection: the authenticity and integrity of documents is guaranteed. Documents cannot be unintentionally altered and will never be lost again.
  • Comply with legislation: with Xtendis, it is easy to comply with all relevant legislation in the field of document management (DNB, GDPR).
  • Basis for optimal communication: Xtendis provides a reliable basis from which portals retrieve the documents relevant to participants and employers.

Satisfied customers

Among others, the following pension organisations work satisfactorily with Xtendis:

  • ABN AMRO Pension Office
  • General Pension Fund Sint Maarten
  • Appel Pension Administration
  • Blue Sky Group
  • Bpf HiBiN
  • DSM Pension Services
  • Heineken Pension Fund
  • Mediahuis Nederland Pensioenfonds
  • MPD Media Pension Services
  • Pensioenfonds Campina
  • Pensioenfonds HaskoningDHV
  • Pensioenfonds Hoogovens
  • Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering
  • Pension Fund Employees Pharmacies
  • Pension fund Pon
  • Pension fund Rail &OV
  • PGB Pensioendiensten
  • Provisum

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