Modern document and information management for housing corporations

With Xtendis, housing corporations are taking a big leap forward in the field of document and information management.

Many corporations invested early in document management solutions. Due to the rapid developments, many of these solutions are now outdated. The strong growth in the number of documents leads to suboptimal performance, insufficient accessibility of documents and a large management burden.

Document managementnt from the Cloud

With Xtendis, corporations get state-of-the-art document management. It is a modern Cloud solution, with which organizations are completely relieved in the management of the large document volumes.

The solution provides a clear structure in which all documents can be found quickly and can be consulted directly for authorized employees. Employees have access to the right document and file at the right time.

Documents can be called from different contexts: Household, Rentable Unit, Cluster, Project, Supplier, etc.

With Xtendis, files are always up to date and guaranteed to be complete. Smart cleaning processes ensure GDPR-compliancy.

Close integration

Xtendis can be closely integrated with the primary (real estate) systems of corporations. From these systems, the relevant documents and files can be called up and viewed. Conversely, Xtendis uses data from the primary systems, so that documents and files can be provided with many search keys without having to enter them.

Experience with migrations

There is a lot of experience in replacing old document management solutions. Thus, all documents and their metadata remain available in Xtendis.


With Xtendis, housing corporations can realize benefits like:

  • Optimal performance even with very high document volumes.
  • Optimal accessibility of documents and files.
  • Automated cleaning processes for GDPR-compliancy.
  • Broadly applicable, all important documents can be managed.
  • Efficiency gains when handling documents.

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