Educational institutions automatically process their documents with Xtendis

As an educational organization you are dealing with a huge document flow. This can include student files, invoices, policy documents and incoming mail. The digitization and automatic processing of the document flow leads to great benefits for both the educational institution and the participants.

Xtendis provides various document solutions in education

The document management system Xtendis is successfully deployed in educational institutions, for applications such as:

Xtendis is often linked to applications that are already in use within an educational institution. See the list of standard interfaces .

Benefits of digital document processing for educational institutions

The main benefits of digital document processing with Xtendis for educational institutions are:

  • Visual Text Time saving. Digital archiving saves a lot of time, because archiving and viewing documents is much faster and more efficient than with a physical archive. Centrally digitally stored information ensures efficient management. This is especially beneficial for educational institutions that have multiple locations.
  • Accessibility . Digitally archived documents and student files in Xtendis are very accessible. Based on a number of features, a document can often be retrieved within seconds, if desired from different locations. In addition, specific documents can also be made accessible to participants via, for example, a web portal.
  • Quality. Once documents are digitally archived, they can never be lost or damaged again, because they no longer need to be physically consulted.
  • Integrity . The completeness of an archived participant file is guaranteed in a digital archive. In addition, digital archiving offers extensive options for securing documents and files against unauthorized use.
  • Space. A digital archive saves a lot of office space compared to a physical archive. It also contributes to a tidy and organized workplace, because there are no more piles of paper wandering around.
  • Security . Digitally archived documents and files are well protected against calamities such as fire and / or flooding.

Some of the eductional institutions that use Xtendis succesfully:

  • Alliantie Voortgezet Onderwijs
  • Atlas College
  • De Baak
  • International School of Amsterdam
  • ROC Mondriaan
  • Stichting Escaldascholen
  • STC Group

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