The Modern Bank Deserves a Better Document Management System (DMS)

Banks have been pioneers in document management. Now, more than three decades later, the landscape looks very different for banks:

  • customers set higher standards;
  • there is a need to fight for market share;
  • With the advent of fintech, the competitive field looks completely different;
  • there is increasingly strict legislation and regulations (Compliancy).

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DMS systems within banks are on average heavily outdated

DMS systems within banks are on average heavily outdated. As a result, banks are now lagging behind, in particular, new Fintech companies that have recently been able to fully manage their information architecture and are much better able to respond to commercial and social developments.

Why DMS Xtendis offers banks the solution

With its Document Management System Xtendis, Expansion has been active in the field of document management for over 30 years. There are now more than 4 million Xtendis users. Xtendis offers banks the solution:

  • 360 degree customer view;
  • process optimizations;
  • efficient compliance completeness reports, removal processes, automated reporting on authorizations and proactive signalling;
  • optimal security with centrally managed authorizations and secure information exchange.

References in banking sector

Expansion has successfully implemented document management system Xtendis at a variety of financial services companies. Banks also benefit from the benefits of DMS Xtendis, including:

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