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DMS Xtendis is used successfully in the following industries:


The banking sector uses Xtendis to store information from multiple databases in one central digital customer file. Thanks to the 360 degree customer image, the bank product is no longer the focus, but the customer. Read more about the use of Xtendis in the banking sector.

Financial services companies

Various financial institutions successfully use Xtendis for digital archiving of correspondence, contracts, account statements but also transactions. Read more about the use of Xtendis in financial services companies.

Trade & Industry

Trade & Industry use DMS Xtendis for digital archiving of material certificates, contracts, quotations, assignments and production manuals. Read more about the deployment of Xtendis within the trade and industry industry.


DMS Xtendis provides laboratories with an excellent solution for automatic processing and digital archiving of forms.


DMS is successfully used in various ways in education, including central management of digital student files, automatic invoice processing and digital archiving personnel files. Read more about Xtendis in education.

Pension funds

Expansion is the market leader in pension funds. A large number of pension funds use Xtendis for the digital archiving of pension files. Xtendis is linked to the main pension administration systems and portals. Read more about the use of Xtendis by pension funds.


Thanks to the use of DMS Xtendis, the transport sector has direct insight into invoices and transport documents. Any questions about those documents can be answered quickly. Read more about digital archiving in the transport sector.

Thrombosis Service

Thrombosis services use Xtendis to digitally store patient records. As a result, files never get lost, are available within seconds and there is a huge savings on archive space.

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