A small selection from the many possibilities

With the standard Document Management System Xtendis you directly lay a foundation for professional document management in the organization. Whether it concerns simply finding documents or archiving, with Xtendis you have the foundation to arrange it.

Our DMS is used daily for the most divergent applications. Every application can have its own adjustment and even the available functionality can vary per application. You can choose to implement Xtendis locally and/or subscribe on an online Managed Xtendis environment. 

Digital archive

Xtendis is the digital archive platform where you manage and archive both paper and electronical documents centrally. The software is developed from the vision that on…

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Digital files

With the use of digital file formation, you prevent the fragmentation of information and you have the disposal of complete digital files...

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Digital invoice processing

With Xtendis you save a lot of time when entering, archiving and consulting the invoices. Invoices are automatically recognized and entered and in the financial....

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Digital personnel file

With Xtendis you feature an excellent basis for a digital personnel archive in which every document is directly available and the integrity of the files…

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DMS Quality Management

With DMS Xtendis two birds with one stone: efficient document storage and guarantee quality standard....

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Records management

In many organizations an invoice has to be reviewed by one or more employees. The route that the invoice has to travel, often depends on the amount and the general ledger account...

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Digital ordering files

Choose for robotization of your ordering files. You have overview and grip on all currect files....

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Digital customer file

Put all information of your customer easily and in order together! You never have to search again for the right information when your customer asks something...

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