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With the Enterprise Information Management System Xtendis, you immediately lay a full-fledged basis for professional document management. Whether it’s easy to find documents or archive, Xtendis gives you the basis to set it up.

Digital archive

Archive and manage all documents, both paper and electronic, centrally with Xtendis.

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Digital contract management

Digital contract management ensures efficient management of contracts. Contracts are captured in one digital archive.

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Digital file

Avoid fragmentation of information and have complete digital files.

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Digital invoice processing

Save time when entering, archiving and consulting invoices. Invoices are automatically recognized and entered into the financial application within your organization.

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Digital mail registration

With a mail registration system you can automatically distribute and archive all incoming mail digitally. Mail pieces will never go missing again.

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Quality management

Catch two birds with one stone: efficient document storage and safeguarding quality standards.

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Records Management

Records Management ensures that you can demonstrate that a specific event has occurred. Laws and regulations can be an important reason for you to start using Xtendis as a record management system. This allows your company to comply with GDPR rules.

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