What is robotization?

A lot is written about robotisation. Chances are you’ve already read an article about self-driving cars or saw a post about the negative consequences that robotization would have, where job losses are often the most important issue. Technological developments often lead to this kind of articles, especially in a changing labour market. It is very unfortunate that robotisation therefore has a negative connotation. It is a new technology that offers many benefits for employers and employees. We’d like to give you more explanations.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) means automating tasks, which are still often performed manually by humans. By robotizing, repetitive operations can be performed faster, cheaper and flawlessly. In addition, the qualities of employees can be better utilized and used.

Our document management system Xtendis can be used for various robotization applications.

RPA Robotics with DMS Xtendis in practice

We also use robotisation in our document management system Xtendis. The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) monitors the progress of a process. You no longer have to think about next steps or when a particular action needs to be taken. This is done completely automatically and you will receive an alert on time if manual trading is required. For example, RPA can be used for:

  • monitoring processes (order files);
  • parts of documents and files (web portals);
  • approve the incoming and outgoing documents (mail, invoices);
  • entering data in systems (import and sales invoices, sales orders);
  • exchange of data between systems (financial data, order data);
  • automatically signaling status updates (contracts).

The benefits of RPA with Xtendis

Are you curious about the consequences of robotization? Well, these are extremely positive in the case of Xtendis.

  • Employees are off from repetitive tasks and have more fun at work.
  • Huge cost savings.
  • Faster processing of information.
  • 100% flawless.
  • Higher service levels.

Curious about the benefits of robotization for your organization? Please contact us, we would like to give you more information.

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