More than just hosting: Xtendis Online

Xtendis Online offers a much larger range of services than just hosting. Expansion provides all the necessary technical support for an optimally accessible and secure cloud solution.

When choosing Xtendis Online, Expansion provides the following services:

  • Providing a server environment.
  • Providing the required bandwidth.
  • Providing the required online storage capacity.
  • Providing backups (daily, retention 7 days).
  • Providing replication across 2 data centers. All data is therefore continuously available in two physically separate locations.
  • A ‘security certificate’ for secure internet connections.
  • Xtendis software licenses.
  • License for virtualization software.
  • License for Windows Server, IIS, .Net.
  • License for SQL database server.
  • Technical management & maintenance on infrastructure (virtualization software, server, database, storage) and Xtendis.
  • Support via support portal and by telephone by a specialized helpdesk.
  • Minor & major upgrades to the Xtendis software and infrastructure.

The specifications of the facilities are tailored to the functionality and scale of the solution.

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Your documents guaranteed secure in online DMS

Safety first at Xtendis Online. Expansion wishes to express an image and act as an organization that strives at all times for continuity and the confidential and integrity of customer information.

Expansion complies with applicable laws and regulations. In order to achieve this, Expansion has set up a quality system, in which all critical moments in the field of information security are secured. In addition, this management system meets the requirements of NEN-EN-ISO 27001 so that the operation of this management system can also be verified and confirmed by independent parties.

The system and your documents are stored securely on the centrally managed and secure server(s) within the Dutch data centre of Expansion that meets both physically and digitally very demanding. This is shown, among other things, by the following things:

  • The data center has the TIER3 classification, which is the highest possible level in the Netherlands. This means that for the existing infrastructure an availability of at least 99,982 is guaranteed. In addition, the data centre has ISO27001 and ISO9001 (quality management) certificates.
  • The data center has a low PUE value which means that relatively little energy is used. The data center uses green energy and has a so-called green certificate. In addition, there is an ISO14001 certificate which means that there is a controlled policy in the field of environmental management.
  • Of course, the data center has redundant energy supply and Internet connections.
  • The data center is 7 x 24 hours secured and contains all kinds of facilities against physical calamities, such as ram-cracking and fire.

Long-term guarantees thanks to Cloudsecure

Organizations entrust their most mission-critical documents to Xtendis Online, which can involve very long retention periods. Expansion can achieve guarantees in this area by providing a so-called CloudSecure facility. Should the Expansion organisation cease to exist, Xtendis’s source code will be transferred to an independent foundation that determines how the service will continue.

In addition, it is possible to make arrangements in advance with Expansion about the transfer of documents and metadata from Xtendis, for example if you would like to stop the service or if you want to periodically record a copy. You will know exactly according to what specifications and at what cost the data will be provided.

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