General Data Protection Regulation: everyone has to deal with it

Every organization has privacy-sensitive documents in-house, so everyone is / will be dealing with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The fines for non-compliance with this privacy law are substantial, up to millions of euros.

But how can you comply with this new law? Privacy-sensitive documents are everywhere, in every organization. And that is exactly the problem: they are somewhere, but where? The answer lies in providing structure and transparency in the management of documents. With the well thought-out DMS Xtendis, Expansion has a suitable solution for this.

GDPR already applies!

GDPR sets strict requirements in a European context for how you should deal with information that can be traced back to Persons. This can be anything from an e-mail address or name and address details to a social security number, a copy of a driving license or an employment contract.

This new law has been in force since May 2018. Organizations can now be expected to comply with it.

Protecting the owners of data

With the advent of the law, the owner of the personal data in particular is more protected because:

  • in certain cases there is an explicit obligation that permission must be obtained from the owner to be allowed to process data;
  • That permission is not (anymore) for eternity. The data owner should be able to easily withdraw his consent;
  • Now that the right to deletion has been explicitly laid down, the owner can also demand from an organization, and all related parties that have received this data, that the (edited) data be deleted.
  • The data portability clause in the GDPR stipulates that the owner can demand that his data be provided to him in a certain format, so that it can be reused by the owner himself.

Good information management is crucial for effective business operations

These are just the most important new requirements for processing and storing personal data. The law itself is extensive and complex. In any case, it becomes clear that every organization must be / become fully aware of the data stored and used within its organization. Knowing what you have, what happens to it and by whom – that is, good information management – has thus become a crucial part of effective business operations. After all, complying with laws and regulations is an obligation that nobody can avoid. To be able to do that, you need the right tool to organize, store, manage and link information in a structured manner and to ensure compliance and transparency.

Xtendis meets those conditions, partly because:

  • Xtendis keeps documents together in one clear digital record/archive;
  • Xtendis with version management, access rights and logging provides insight at any time into what is done to documents, when and by whom;
  • Xtendis simply provides the ability to clean up document collections;
  • In Xtendis documents are digital and organized, which saves time, space, effort and therefore money;
  • With Xtendis documents are always accessible and can be shared in a controlled manner;
  • Xtendis enables you to easily transfer personal data in the desired format;
  • Security of confidential documents in Xtendis is guaranteed;
  • The overview, transparency (also afterwards) and security in Xtendis give the customer confidence.

At Expansion, we have more than 30 years of experience successfully implementing effective document management solutions with our DMS Xtendis. In this way, we offer you the right answer to the question of how you must comply with laws and regulations.

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