Added value to information security

Of course, within Xtendis everything is about information security. The core function of Xtendis is to monitor the digital sustainability of documents. Digital sustainability means that the integrity and authenticity of all documents is guaranteed. It also demands the future-proofing of the archiving solution.

Information security at Expansion

The Xtendis Online platform more than complies with the applicable laws and regulations (e.g. GDPR). We take information security very seriously. Your organization benefits from this!

Expansion handles your company data with confidentially and integrity. Our management system ensures all critical moments in the field of information security through various technical measures. Our procedures and processes are designed with a focus on security awareness in this digital world.

Independent parties periodically monitor and confirm their proper operation. We offer you optimal security in the field of information security.

Xtendis, the Enterprise Information Management system

Information security is central to Xtendis. The digital sustainability of documents is an important part of this. Read more about Xtendis’ information security.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Each organization has personal documents in-house. Your organisation also has to deal with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The basis of GDPR is privacy by design. This fits perfectly with the information security properties of our EIM System. Read more about the General Data Protection Regulation.

NEN-ISO 27001

Expansion is NEN-ISO 27001 certified. This is an international standard for information security and how you deal with it as an organization. With this certification we offer you the guarantee that your information is in safe hands with us. Read more about our NEN ISO 27001 certification.

ISAE 3402-Type ll

Expansion goes one step further with the possession of an ISAE 3402 type II statement. This statement shows that Expansion is in control of the measures it is taking in the context of information security. Read more about our ISAE 3402 Type ll statement.

Continuity guarantee

When it comes to information security, we go one step further, where others stop. In addition to all the security that we already offer, you can choose additionally for the CloudSecure warranty. You are assured of continuity in the event of financial calamities of Expansion. Even then, your information remains secure and the service continues unchanged. Read more about CloudSecurehere.

Data Processing Agreement

When using Xtendis Online, Expansion is “processor” within the meaning of the Applicable Data Protection Legislation. We record our joint responsibilities in a Data Processing Agreement. Read more about our Data Processing Agreementquickly.

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