Do you opt for an Enterprise Information Management System? Then Expansion will be there for you every step of the way. In addition to the functional design and prior to installation, we draw up an implementation plan. In this we lay down the technical preconditions and dependencies. After the agreement of the client, this implementation plan forms the basis for the installation and setup of DMS Xtendis.

  • Installation: Xtendis technical installation is a standard procedure. In preparation for the actual installation, we first map out all technical aspects of the systems. For this we use a standard questionnaire. We base Xtendis’ technical installation on the information provided in the questionnaire.
  • Layout: After the technical installation we can start with the functional design of Xtendis. The implementation of a new application in an organization always requires a lot of attention. A good implementation is a serious process. Everyone involved must know the new solution, be able to work with it, and accept the changed way of working.

Each long journey starts with small steps. It is therefore advisable to start with small steps that quickly bring advantage. Certain steps in the business process are ideal for digital archiving. We use Xtendis first for those steps. Xtendis makes the advantages for a broader commitment immediately clear. These “Quick Wins” motivate and give energy to achieve the ultimate goal.

Our advice is: start simple and involve everyone in the gradual expansion of Xtendis.

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