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Organizations lose thousands of euros per employee each year because employees have to search for, recreate and reclassify information.

Document management system Xtendis
provides version control and puts an end to the proliferation of different versions of a document. At the same time, Xtendis ensures optimal availability of any version of a document. Xtendis is suitable for different types of documents!

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Document versioning is necessary

Research by AIIM.org shows that a document is copied an average of 19 times and then stored in multiple locations in different forms, both in personal and shared structures. A major cause of this high number arises from today’s e-mail culture (with lots of CC-recipients) and of the multiple copies of Microsoft Office documents.

It is clear that if this happens in an uncontrolled environment, there is an immediate lack of overview. Users create a new version without another user’s knowledge, and chances of duplication, duplicate version numbers, and duplicate documents increase exponentially.

Once there is a need for overview or the most recent version of a document, it is very time consuming or impossible to meet this need. With Xtendis version control, you always know what the most recent and active version of your document is. For example, the final version is not confused with old versions of the document. Review all proposed changes and get notified if a version of the document is finalized.

Xtendis offers the solution for optimal versioning

DMS Xtendis offers the solution for optimal version management. Version management can meet the following needs within the Xtendis document management platform:

  • Permanently archiving and making available all created versions of a document.
  • An automated numbering system to indicate the correct version.
  • A search function that always results in the latest version of a document.
  • A review process for checking outgoing versions of documents.
  • A check-in check-out safety mechanism to prevent multiple people from working on the same document.
  • A strictly framed quality process around publishing the most up-to-date version of a document. Think, for example, of checking an outgoing quote, or authorizing a quality document.

Don’t confuse the old version or previous version of a document with the final version with the Xtendis version control module.

Why version control with Xtendis?

The power of Xtendis version control is the distinction between the latest version of a document and the most current/active version of a document. This concept has been successfully applied for years in many quality systems, and Xtendis also relies on this formula for success.

Because the Xtendis platform extends beyond version management, it brings, among other things, the following advantages:

  • Each version has its own rights structure, which makes shielding or publishing versions very easy.
  • Each version is also converted to an unchangeable format and meets the strictest archival requirements.
  • Xtendis version control is fully integrated with the Xtendis Microsoft Office connector.
  • Combine Xtendis version control with Xtendis Workflow and create advanced revision processes for new versions.
  • Create new versions based on Xtendis-managed templates.
  • Register all user actions of versions using the Xtendis Audit Trail module.
  • Capture notes and conversations at the level of individual versions of documents.
  • Every version is readily available anywhere, anytime.

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