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How useful would it be to be able to archive e-mails directly, so that they can easily and quickly get to the right place? This is possible with Xtendis! Storing documents, attachments, and e-mails becomes easy with the Outlook Plug-In, thanks to the close integration of Xtendis with Microsoft Outlook.

  • Xtendis is able to see if an e-mail has already been archived by you, or a colleague, and makes smart suggestions for archiving a new message.
  • You can then keep your e-mail inbox “clean” and find all e-mails plus attachments with far more search capabilities than you have by default in Microsoft Outlook. Useful if you need to find some documents and/or files quickly!
  • In addition, you can easily insert attachments that are in Xtendis into a new email.

Our customers mainly use this module to store correspondence in Xtendis for ongoing projects, HR files or customer files. All correspondence (e-mail, traditional mail) is thus visible to the right people who are given access to this information. At the same time, you immediately guarantee the digital authenticity and validity of each e-mail, something that Microsoft Outlook by default can’t. You decide which user can use this module within the organization.

Save directly from Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio, and PowerPoint with the Microsoft Office Plugin.

As well as e-mail, Xtendis can be used directly from Office. Prevent users from storing their files in Windows folder structures and use this integrated Xtendis Plugin. This is advisable, for example, to store quotations, letters, project documentation, and advisory reports directly in your Xtendis project file, HR file or customer file.

  • You can then keep your Windows folder structure blank and find all Microsoft Office files in Xtendis with far more search capabilities than you have in Windows by default.
  • This plug-in also opens up the world to managing your standard templates and documentation in Xtendis.

Version control with the Check-in Check-out Module.

Editing online files is easy, but what if too much is accidentally deleted or something else goes wrong? Xtendis offers a solution for this. With this module you are in control on all adaptions, expansions and edits to digital document. Xtendis guides the user in managing versions. As a result, he/she doesn’t have to worry about version numbering or overwriting originals. When viewing documents, you have the option to show only active versions, behind which is the possibility to see the old versions. An excellent function for example in quality management and process descriptions where employees should always be able to see the latest version. When choosing a new document, a copy of the original opens, you can edit it, and save it as a “new document” with other index data. Our customers use this for example in declaration forms, assessment forms, quotations and declarations of agreement. This module is complementary to the office plugin and also suitable for PDF documents or other file formats.

Direct digital ‘printing’ to Xtendis with the Print2Xtendis module.

Prevent PDF prints from disappearing into all kinds of Windows folder structures and “print” directly to Xtendis with this plugin. By setting this ‘driver’ as standard, you also reduce the unnecessary printing of documents. Again, it is possible, by indicating document characteristics (indexes), to provide search keys and determine security. The Print2Xtendis license consists of a server and a client part. The client licenses are settled per concurrent user.

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