Xtendis Mobile Services

Document Management System Xtendis makes every document immediately available, even when you’re not in your workplace. Xtendis Mobile Services allows documents to be stored, searched, accessed and processed via smartphone and tablet.

Mobile & Responsive Xtendis

With the Xtendis Mobile Services, DMS Xtendis reacts responsively to the device by which it is approached. Based on the resolution, Xtendis automatically determines whether the Mobile or Web user interface should be started. The user can also make his own choice when signing in.

Features via touch screen

In the Mobile User Interface, all functions can be controlled via touch screen. The design of the buttons, overviews and document viewer is tailored to smaller screens, so that they are optimally displayed.

Quickly search, view and process documents

Xtendis Mobile Services make it easy to quickly search for and view a document on location.

But it is also possible to handle documents assigned in a workflow with the smartphone or tablet. For example, a mail item can be handled or an invoice approved.

Turn your smartphone and tablet into a scanner

Xtendis’ Mobile User Interface also includes a handy upload feature. Images of documents can be captured easily in Xtendis. This way, your smartphone and tablet become a full-fledged document scanner.

Ideal for on the go

In short, the Xtendis Mobile Services make all the basic functions of a DMS available on mobile devices. Ideal for employees who are often on the go!

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