Technical & Functional Management of DMS Xtendis

The basis of Xtendis is a number of powerful server processes for digitally capturing and searching large numbers of digital documents and files. The following management functionalities can be applied within Xtendis to strengthen the function of the digital archive:

  • Extended authorization options: Xtendis offers extensive security capabilities, both functionally and at the document level. This means that for each user can be recorded which functionality can be used for which documents.
    Because both users and archives can be divided into groups and zones, security is easy to control and manage. Within the digital archive, for example, a zone can be created for each legal entity or department. The documents contained in this zone can then only be consulted by the operating company concerned, while the holding company can consult the entire archive.
  • Audit Trail: This module records all the actions of Xtendis users. These actions can be compiled, based on different search criteria. Examples of criteria include: archives, files, documents, pages, notes, security zones and users. All important actions are recorded in an audit trail. All document-related registrations can be requested directly from the document.
    Xtendis Audit Trail provides administrators with insight into everything that has happened in Xtendis at a glance and fits perfectly with the need for transparency and accessibility of information. The overviews of Xtendis Audit Trail are an excellent tool to meet the increasingly stringent requirements in the field of Corporate Governance.
  • Email Notification: Using the Xtendis E-mail Notification module, the digital archive automatically generates a notification to one or more specific users. The adjustable message may prompt the user to perform an action or check regarding a document. E-mail Notification can be used, for example, to bring incoming documents to the attention and to automatically monitor expiry dates in contract management.
  • Workflow: Documents that need to be handled, for example mail or invoices, can be automatically presented to the responsible employee(s) with Xtendis Flow. Xtendis Flow enables an organization to make processes more transparent and efficient. Xtendis Flow supports both defined and flexible processes.
  • Task Server: The Xtendis Task Server can plan and execute Xtendis processes. This makes it possible to perform tasks at predetermined times without the need for manual actions.

A digital archive should be considered as part of the overall information provision. This means that a digital archive will be linked to and/or integrated into existing applications and databaseswherever possible.

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