Automatically archive computer output with ERM

Enterprise Report Management (ERM) used to be called Computer Output on Laser Disk (COLD). Enterprise Report Management allows large print files to be automatically archived digitally. The documents in the print files are automatically provided with characteristics that are in the documents.

Xtendis offers Report Management

Enterprise Report Management is one of the many possibilities within the document management system Xtendis. A dedicated Enterprise Report Management input module is available that is used, among other things, to automatically archive print files in PCL, Postscript, AFP, PDF, TXT and XML. In addition, this import process can also be used to digitally archive documents from Word-merge files.

Automatically assigned to the correct record thanks to ERM software

Xtendis-ERM is used by pension funds, insurance companies, banks and other organizations that generate a lot of output. A mailing with customer-specific documents, such as policies or pension letters, can be archived completely automatically. The letters are automatically assigned to the correct files. Because Xtendis-ERM converts the documents to an unchangeable format (PDF or TIFF), they remain available for viewing, also in the long term.

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