Import all documents and store them digitally in Xtendis

All documents can be imported into the Xtendis document management. The import is done with import processes. There are processes for the following sources: E-Mail Attachments, High Resolution photos, MS Office applications, PDF, ASCII, HTML, PCL, PDF, Postscript and all XML variants.

Output from scanners and multifunctional copying machines can also be imported. Import processes can run separate from Xtendis and therefore have no impact on the performance of the other functions.. Expansion continuously develops new import processes.. This allows documents from any source in Xtendis to be archived.

Xtendis input modules are used to support the following processes:

  • Storage documents in multiple formats: Xtendis converts documents to an unchangeable default archive format while importing. As a result, the documents can still be viewed after decades and authenticity is guaranteed.
    Xtendis offers the possibility, in addition to the untenable version of the document, to store the original file, so that this file can be reused by the original application.

  • Enterprise Report Management (ERM): By expanding Xtendis with Enterprise Report Management, computer output such as invoices, annual statements or policies can be stored entirely automatically in Xtendis. Within Xtendis, these documents can be stored together with documents from other sources in one digital file and/or archive.

  • Automatic indexing: Xtendis can process documents automatically using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). To this end, Xtendis combines OCR and barcode recognition with intelligent classification algorithms. Documents can thus be largely automatically provided with characteristics. This minimizes the number of manual actions required to archive documents.

  • Connector: The Xtendis Connector allows users to enter digital files directly into Xtendis, by using a virtual printerdriver or a hotfolder. Users who wish to transfer documents to the Xtendis digital archive system can select the Xtendis ‘printer’ from any application in their print menu. Immediately after giving this command, a screen appears in which the attributes for the document in question can be entered.

  • DataEntry: Xtendis has standard interface for various high-end form recognition systems. These systems are used for scanning and recognizing documents such as application forms and invoices. After documents are processed, they are automatically archived in Xtendis and if desired, the recognized information is also passed on to the primary application within the organization.

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