Registration of all transactions within DMS Xtendis

One of the pillars of information security within our document management system Xtendis is the Audit Trail. Now you might be wondering, “What is an audit trail?”. The Audit Trail records (logs) actions (such as creation, retrieval, change, and removal) that can be performed on entities (e.g. archives, files, documents, and pages). As a company, you get insight into the mutations per entity.

In the Xtendis Management Tool (Cockpit), organizations can decide for themselves which actions are logged on which entities. So the Audit Trail, also known as audit track, always gives you insight into what changes happened, when they happened and who made these changes. In Xtendis it is possible to choose different audit settings per archive, where for applications with a high security risk, for example HR files, more is logged into the Audit Trail than for other applications. This choice is entirely up to you.

Xtendis Audit Trail allows all operations to be recorded within the DMS system. Thus, the source of each data mutation can always be traced.

Why is an Audit Trail important?

When changes are made to an important document, it’s helpful to have a clear understanding of who made the changes. This allows you to be accountable if necessary, for example to the authorities governing GDPR or to accountants.

Audit Trail from documents and reports

The Audit Trail can be approached within Xtendis in two ways:

  • From documents.
    For each document, an overview of audits is available for authorized users: which user has performed which action at what time?
    Within the Audit Trail you can filter by document (record management) and workflow audits. The audits remain available throughout the entire life cycle of a document.
  • From reports.
    Administrators can search for audits within Xtendis on one or (a combination of) multiple attributes, such as entity, user, notification, result, and date(range). These searches can be recorded within the system, creating fixed overviews. If desired, the data can be exported as Xtendis reports.

Various audit reports available

Some sample reports from the Xtendis Audit Trail:

  • Actions performed on a document during its lifecycle.
  • Actions performed by a specific user(s group) or system within Xtendis (within a certain period of time).
  • Users that have performed a specific mutation in the system, e.g. deleting documents.
  • Users who have requested a specific document.

What are the benefits of Xtendis Audit Trail?

  • Efficient and reliable way to find out the source of mutations.
  • Easy to retrieve and view.
  • Flexible reporting options.
  • Audit functionality can be protected based on authorizations.
  • Audit level per application adjustable.

With the Audit Trail of Xtendis you always have a clear overview of the mutations that each document has undergone in Xtendis. These mutations can be easily searched, viewed and reported.

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