Xtendis has a modular structure

Simplicity and convenience for the end user is what makes a DMS successful. Due to the modular construction of Xtendis, the user only sees what he needs.

The DMS Xtendis is a standardized platform that you can functionally expand with modules. The basis of Xtendis is a number of powerful server processes for digital capture and quick recovery of large numbers of digital documents and files.

The modular structure of Xtendis ensures that the system can be gradually expanded with more functionality and applications. Moreover, you only invest in that functionality that you actually use. Below are the most commonly used modules listed.

All documents can be imported into the Xtendis digital archive system. The import is done with so-called source drivers. Read more about import options.

DMS Xtendis offers a variety of email archiving capabilities, including integration into MS Outlook. Learn more about email archiving.

Automate data entry and processing and save time and money in digitally capturing documents Read more about recognition and classification.

Identity Management

Choose an optimal combination between safety and ease of use. Integrate with identity management systems such as Active Directory, Google and iWelcome. Read more about Identity Management.

Automatically enrich the documents in Xtendis with data from your own systems. Mutations and growth are automatically processed by the DMS Xtendis.

In our view, the added value of a Document Management System is many times greater when it is integrated into the overall information provision.

Mobile & Responsive

You can use a tablet, mobile phone or any other device to have all the functionalities you have set up. Read more about mobile & responsive.

Secure your document templates by managing them in the DMS and automatically provide Xtendis with relevant features such as reference numbers.

Present documents clearly together and avoid fragmentation of information. Even if they come from multiple sources. Read more about file creation.

Audit trail

Audit Trail

All important actions are recorded in an audit trail. All document-related registrations can also be requested directly from the document. Read more about Audit Trail.

Lower the archive threshold and integrate the DMS into Microsoft Office to easily capture all office files. Read more about office integration.

Version management eliminates the proliferation of document versions and ensures optimal availability of any version of a document you want. Learn more about version management.


Of course, safety is more than an important precondition. The DMS Xtendis offers a variety of features for adjusting the security of the documents. Learn more about information security.

Automate complete processes with advanced workflow functionality, create overview, and shorten lead times. Read more about Workflow.

Let the DMS work for you. Get an automatic notification when a document arrives or – based on an expiration date – needs to be deleted

A large number of management functionalities are applied within the DMS Xtendis to strengthen the function of the platform. Learn more about management features.

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