Document management system Xtendis as the basis for ordered and discoverable information

A well-equipped digital document management system like Xtendis does exactly what you would expect from such a system: it makes every document digitally available. That’s what it’s all about! That you have your most important business information in order and can find it when you need to.

What exactly does a document management system do for you?

A well thought-out document management system, such as Xtendis:

  • Keeps track of every version of documents.
  • Manages emails with attachments as easily as “traditional” or digitized documents.
  • Is able to handle the routing of specific documents digitally along the right employees (Workflow management).
  • Records documents in a digital archive, according to logical structures/indexes.
  • Stores documents in the archive immutable.
  • Track exactly who did what and when with those documents.
  • Makes documents accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Always make the most up-to-date and complete document (digital) available to employees.
  • Improves the quality of decisions and work.

The Xtendis document management system is easy to edit, store, find, forward and archive documents. Document management has never been easier with the Xtendis document management system.

Over 4 million Xtendis users

Expansion knows how to talk about this: for 30 years we have been successfully designing our Xtendis document management system for our customers, such as Adecco, Heineken, Mediq, PostNL, ROC Mondriaan & Sodexo.

For these customers, document management system Xtendis means:

  • Saving time and money.
  • Overview and insight into their relevant business information.
  • That documents will never go missing again.
  • Place and time-independent availability of the information.
  • Greater flexibility for their employees.
  • Comply with laws and regulations, thanks to comprehensive and verifiable certification.
  • Integration with their other important information systems.

Manage your documents easily with the DMS Xtendis!

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Our document management system Xtendis offers you an important strategic advantage over a system where papers are sent by the organization or where multiple systems have to be used to get all the information out. With the Document Management Software, managing documents has never been easier. In addition, you can easily forward the documents and your document is always easy to find. A Document Management System is ideal for a job where project management, human resource management or any other kind of management is central.

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