What if all business-critical information were in one system?

With one search you will find all information related to a relation, order, case, project, employee or any other topic. No longer searching in different systems, Outlook and network folders, but all together, regardless of volume.

  • User
  • Pie-chart
  • Folder
  • Email
  • Document
  • Then the truth is always secured

    You can trust that the information you’re viewing is reliable and authentic. Documents cannot be changed by accident or intentionally.

    Always find what you need

    All information is readily available and can be accessed within seconds. You can search with attributes that are relevant to your organization.

    Everything can be shielded in a structured way

    For each document and information object, it is automatically determined who has access and who does not.

    Easily comply with laws and regulations

    You have the assurance that all information is managed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Information that needs to be cleaned under GDPR is automatically selected and deleted if desired.

    How doe we accomplish this?

    By using 5 powerful core functions:

    1. Connect
    2. Save
    3. Find
    4. Consult
    5. Share

    With which all business-critical information:

    • is stored well-structured directly from the source (Save)
    • is easily retrievable using logical search keys (Find)
    • is directly available to view based on authorizations (Consult)
    • Can easily be managed and shared (Share)
    • Is integrated into other business applications (Connect)
    Implementation is a cooperation

    Step-by-step implementation with involved core users is essential for success.

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    Monitor digital sustainability

    Focus on information security enables you to get a grip on information flows.

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    For every scale and volume a suitable solutions

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    Master in high volume document solutions:

    • NEN-EN-ISO 27001 certified
    • ISAE 3402 Type II statement
    • Standard interfaces with 100+ applications
    • More than 3 billion documents safely managed
    • More than 4 million users

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