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“Knowledge is power” used to be the saying. That’s out of the question. It is mainly about creating, enriching and sharing knowledge. If you don’t, that means a potential danger to your organization. After all, it is all about being able to have complete, correct and relevant information at the right time. You can then continue to produce, innovate and also (permanently) comply with laws and regulations. However, you do need the right resources for this. Because the value of knowledge cannot be underestimated, it is important to do better knowledge management or knowledge management.

Document Management System Xtendis offers you the right handle for supporting knowledge management. This way you can optimally share knowledge within the organization.

DMS Xtendis part of knowledge management

Knowledge management supports content, knowledge-intensive work, such as the work of managers, researchers, designers, advisors, etc. within an organization. It is precisely in these professions that up-to-date, correct and relevant information is used. Knowledge management is about thinking and working differently. One of the focus areas of knowledge management is the application of ICT to support knowledge work, in which the quality of knowledge in an organization is of elementary importance. With Xtendis document management you can guarantee that quality because every document is available digitally. This way, sharing knowledge and managing knowledge is easy.

Sharing knowledge means the possibility to innovate

Sharing information means that, in addition to the time savings it saves, you are better able to innovate. There is always a new technology that someone has knowledge of, who can help your organization. Communication and collaboration is therefore important in knowledge management. That’s the only way to innovate.

Innovation is therefore possible because important information is available anytime, anywhere and is ‘enriched’ by the fact that various disciplines can get started with it. The most convenient thing is that the entire organization or the necessary disciplines have access to the knowledge. At the same time, it means that information must be available digitally. Digitisation then requires thoughtful structure and a platform to be able to store, manage, make available and share the information. This must be the most efficient system possible, where everyone always has up-to-date information.

Capture implicit and explicit knowledge

Information or tangible, explicit knowledge can easily be recorded and shared. If this knowledge is stored properly, it remains within the organization, even after the departure of the person who added this knowledge. Capturing implicit knowledge is harder. This is a mix of experience and skills that belong to an employee.

DMS Xtendis guarantees the immediate availability of the correct information

Knowledge management is supported by (information) technology that enables knowledge workers to deal with information more specifically. Xtendis, as a Document Management System, supports knowledge management within your organization in this area, because:

  • all relevant information is stored in full and in an orderly manner;
  • you always have up-to-date information;
  • all information is easily findable and shareable;
  • relevant e-mail traffic in Xtendis is also archived and managed directly;
  • information is accessible from the specific competences of knowledge workers;
  • the management of information complies with laws and regulations;
  • all actions relating to that information are recorded and recorded.

All these characteristics mean that your knowledge workers can better use their competencies and are optimally equipped to do their knowledge-intensive work. Together or in cooperation with other stakeholders. Xtendis is the tool to manage knowledge, try our tool now!

Using the right information technology leads to better collaboration

There is an increasing need to be able to work with other parties that are also involved in the same knowledge-intensive process as your company or organization. Cooperation at the right level can only be done if there is an equal level of knowledge and information. This is the main reason to use knowledge management as an innovative way of thinking and working to create the right conditions for optimal use of information and available knowledge.

Xtendis is the right information technology and offers the perfect support in knowledge management. We know that for sure, because we have been doing that at Expansion for 30 years.

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