SharePoint extended with document management possibilities of Xtendis

Expansion has integrated the digital archive Xtendis narrow in SharePoint. The versatile document management possibilities of Xtendis linked with SharePoint offer an efficient solution to long-term archiving and are therefore have a big added value.

Documents in Xtendis guaranteed safe and unchangeable archived

DMS Xtendis offers, in a world where accountability gets more and more important, a perfect base for an integer digital archive. All documents are guaranteed safe and unchangeable archived and only available to authorized users.

The benefits of the perfect integration of Xtendis with SharePoint:

  • by fully integrating Xtendis in SharePoint there is an efficient solution for long-term archiving. 
  • Xtendis fulfills the heavy work on the background around processing, archiving, distributing, consulting, securing and deleting documents. 
  • SharePoint is used as portal for the users to create and share documents. As soon as the documents are ready for long-term archiving, they are transmitted from Sharepoint to Xtendis where they take advantage of the earlier mentioned benefits. The archived documents however stay approachable from SharePoint.

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