SAP extended with digital archive

SAP is deployed for applications varying from financial administration to Human Resource. A lot of these applications are accompanied by extensive document flows. Expansion has linked Xtendis in different ways to SAP. Because of this a digital archive originates that is integrated perfectly in SAP but one that also can be used by different systems or even as an independent application. In practice this happens for example by making the in Xtendis archived documents available in both SAP and in for example SIEBEL but also via the website. Because of this customers can consult parts of the digital archive by using the website. The several links with divergent SAP versions, from SAP Business One to R3 and MySAP ERP, offer among others the following functionalities:

  • Digital archiving of documents in Xtendis that are produced by SAP;
  • Request documents and files from SAP from the digital Xtendis archive;
  • Scanning, recognizing and booking invoices in SAP.

Alternative for the Sap Content Server

Expansion has created a module that offers the same functions as the SAP Content Server and one that communicates the same way too. By using this module in combination with Xtendis, SAP can use Xtendis as Content Store in the same way as when the SAP Content Server is used. Besides financial and management benefits, the most important benefit of this combination us that all documents are not only archived and consulted by SAP but also by different applications.

Customers that use SAP linked with DMS Xtendis

Multiple customers take advantage of the standard link of Xtendis with SAP, like

  • Sodexo
  • Heinken Nederland BV

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