Process more than 5,000 invoices per year in Twinfield?

Xtendis, in collaboration with Twinfield, offers a reliable solution for automated processing of invoices in Twinfield.

Saving time by digital invoice processing

Invoices are scanned, automatically recognized and offered to users for further processing. The further processing consists of checking and possibly correcting the automatically recognized data. During this step, Xtendis communicates directly with the Twinfield web services. This allows Twinfield data such as creditors, debtors, ledgers, cost centers et cetera to be used in Xtendis.

Automatically book invoices in Twinfield thanks to digital approval

Xtendis can also be used for the digital distribution and approval of invoices. If an invoice is finally approved, the booking in Twinfield can be automatically changed from draft to final.

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