SharePoint expanded with xtendis document management capabilities

Expansion has closely integrated the Xtendis digital archive with SharePoint. Xtendis’s versatile document management capabilities linked to SharePoint provide an efficient solution for long-term archiving and therefore a lot of added value.

Documents in Xtendis guaranteed to be safe and unchangeably archived

DMS Xtendis provides a perfect basis for a digital archive with integrity. All documents are guaranteed to be securely archived and accessible only to authorized users.

The benefits of seamlessly integrating Xtendis with SharePoint:

  • by fully integrating Xtendis into SharePoint, there is an efficient solution for long-term archiving.
  • Xtendis does the heavy lifting in the background around processing, archiving, distributing, viewing, securing and deleting documents.
  • SharePoint is used as a portal for users to create and share documents. Once the documents are ready for long-term archiving, they are transferred from SharePoint to Xtendis where they benefit from the aforementioned benefits. However, the archived documents remain approachable from SharePoint.

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