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Our document management system Xtendis has been successfully linked to the ERP system Nocore for over 10 years. Expansion is an official partner of Nocore. For your organization, this means maximum security on a permanently working solution.

Nocore is used by many companies that operate within the following specialist industries:

  • The flex sector: employment agencies, secondaries and payrollers.
  • The cleaning industry: cleaners, window cleaners and specialist cleaners.

Xtendis has now established links with Nocore in several of these industries that lead to an integrated solution. With this link, Nocore users will continue to work in their familiar way. Our document management system Xtendis facilitates the preservation and findability of the requested documents in the background.

Benefits of Nocore/Xtendis document and file link

What exactly does the interface of the DMS Xtendis with Nocore mean and what are the advantages?

  1. One-time registration of core data in Nocore and multiple reuse of this data for the archiving of documents and files. As an organization, you don’t want to enter data twice. When a staff member or temporary worker is on boarded, Xtendis automatically creates a file in which the documents are archived.
  2. Administration capabilities (record management) on documents and files. The retained documents are given the right characteristics in Xtendis to comply with internal and external audits and regulations (such as GDRP).
  3. Documents can be accessed directly from Nocore. Documents can be accessed from Nocore. Whether it’s an invoice or a HR file, it can be viewed directly from wihtin Nocore.
  4. Documents are quicker and easier to find through the Xtendis user environment.

Benefits of Nocore/Xtendis invoice processing interface

In addition to the benefits mentioned for the document and file link, the invoice processing interface has the following additional advantages:

  1. Automatic recognition of booking data with an intelligent OCR module.
  2. Automate the actual bookings of invoices in Nocore.
  3. Adding a digital approval process of invoices.

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