DMS Xtendis seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Navision

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, best known as Navision, is used in a variety of industries for a variety of applications. Many of these applications are accompanied by extensive document flows. Expansion has linked the Xtendis document management system to Navision in various ways. This creates a digital archive that is seamlessly integrated with Navision but can also be used by other systems or as a standalone application.

In practice, this is done, for example, by making the documents archived in Xtendis available in both Navision and the website. This allows customers to consult parts of the digital archive via the website. The various links with a variety of Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions include the following functionality:

  • digital archiving of documents produced by Navision in Xtendis;
  • request documents and files from Navision;
  • scanning, recognizing and booking invoices in Navision.

Digital documents and files can be accessed directly from Navision

Many activities are initiated by documents. This applies, for example, to the handling of customer requests but also to carrying out repairs. The documents can come in paper or digital form, such as an email. The link between Xtendis and Navision allows activities (e.g. a ToDo) to be created automatically in Navision from the digital documents.

When performing the task in Navision, the underlying document can then be retrieved in Xtendis at the touch of a button. In addition, the same document will also be automatically included in the customer’s file and can therefore also be requested from the customer information in Navision at the touch of a button. The user will not even know that the documents come from Xtendis, but think that Navision offers this functionality.

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