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Magister is the market leader in educational and user-friendly software for secondary education and is successfully active in vocational and adult education.

Magister’s functionality consists of administrative processing of student data, grades and absences. In addition, the educational process is supported with functionalities such as day scheduling, lesson dashboard, digital learning, ELO, management reports and the student tracking system.

Xtendis is a leading document management platform with over four million users that can be used for a variety of applications. Documents can be offered from a variety of sources (scanner, MS-Office, E-mail, PDF) and are captured within Xtendis in an accessible, digitally sustainable way.

Both Magister and Xtendis are in many cases used as cloud services.

Suppliers Schoolmaster and Expansion developed a standard link between Magister and Xtendis. This link allows Xtendis to take care of the document management for Magister. This allows you to benefit from all the advantages of a complete document management system, while the documents can be viewed within Magister.

Automatically recognize and import documents

In the interface, special attention has been paid to a specific part of the student files: forms concerning the funding that need to be signed.
These forms are created from Magister, with a barcode. Once they are completed and returned, they should only be scanned. Xtendis will then automatically import the documents and provide the correct characteristics based on the barcode.

A message is sent to Magister for every new document stored in Xtendis via a web service. This message provides all the attributes relevant to Magister.
Based on this, Magister records the document, including a web service call with URL that allows the document to be requested directly.

Users can therefore see the documents together with the other student data within Magister and can open them immediately. The fact that Xtendis takes care of all management tasks in the background is not visible to the user.

Easy check completeness of files

An important added value of the link between Magister and Xtendis is that educational institutions can now check their files directly and without effort for completeness. It is continuously clear which files documents are still missing.

And other important benefits of integration Magister

Other benefits include:

  • All documents are now immediately available for viewing.
  • Documents are integrated with the other data of participants/pupils/students.
  • Organizations save a lot of time when storing and consulting.
  • Documents are protected from calamities such as fire and water damage and from unauthorized access.
  • Organization save physical space.


Among other organizations, the Magister-Xtendis combination:

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