Scanning, recognizing and booking invoices with Xtendis in combination with Exact

Expansion is officially Exact SDK Partner and has linked the document management system Xtendis to Exact Globe, Exact Online and Exact Financials. Together with Exact, Xtendis offers functionality for scanning, recognizing, booking, distributing and digitally archiving invoices.

Exact data available in Xtendis

After the invoices have been scanned, they are automatically recognized and offered to the users for further processing. The further processing consists of checking and possibly replenishing the automatically recognized data. During this step, Xtendis communicates directly with Exact. This allows the Exact data such as creditors, debtors, ledgers, cost centers et cetera to be used in Xtendis.

Xtendis can also be used for the digital distribution and according of invoices. In this process, the Exact link can be used to retrieve the booking data from Exact and consult it with the digital invoice.

Digital invoices available from Exact

After the invoices are booked in Exact, they are automatically digitally archived in Xtendis. Thanks to the link between Exact and the Xtendis digital archive, digital invoices can be retrieved directly from the booking in Exact.

The benefits of Xtendis linked to Exact:

  • In addition to invoice processing, Xtendis can also be used for other applications such as digital archiving of customers and HR files.
  • Free Form Recognition of billing data. As a result, no templates are required which minimizes time needed for administration.
  • Invoices can be bundled with other relevant information in one clear file.
  • Xtendis disburdens Exact by taking over the management of large document volumes.
  • Thanks to extensive interfacing capabilities, extensive search capabilities. Both from Exact and in Xtendis, based on various characteristics.

The investments required depend on the scale and functionality and can take the form of both a one-time investment and an amount per invoice processed.

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